Видео: NVIDIA Tablet K1 revisit. Does it still hold up?

Is the Nvidia Shield Tablet STILL worth it!? (Bonus: Lag fix!)

Consider subscribing :) After 4 years, is the Nvidia Shield Tablet STILL worth buying? Also, a lag fix that's working great ...

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet in 2019 - My favourite Android Tablet

4 years old and still unbelievably powerful

Nvidia Shield Portable | Still Worth It?

Search for "Geek Therapy Radio" in your favorite podcast app! It's a lot of fun and after all, we're ALL geeks about something ...

Nvidia Shield K1 Gaming Tablet Alternative

Here is one of the my best alternative Tablets to the Nvidia Shield k1. Meet the old but Powerful Ultra-slim Sony xperia z3 Tablet ...

Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet 2018 Review! Should You Buy It?

This is a review of the 2018 Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet. This video showcases if you should buy this or not. My Setup For Stream: ...

Lineage OS 13 on the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1( Best ROM)

This is the official Lineage OS 13 for the Nvidia Shield Tablet K1.It is based on android 6.0.1 marshmallow. Link for ROM ...


This is an overview video of the Geforce Now Beta running on the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet! My Setup For Stream: Canon ...

Mobile Legends on Nvidia Shield K1

Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/ErickBranford.

NVidia Shield K1 Tablet - Best Portable Emulation Hardware So Far?

I take a look at the NVidia Shield K1 Gaming Tablet and put it through it's paces with a variety of emulators.

Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery replacement

NEW BATTERY REPLACEMENT VIDEO WITH AUDIO!! https://youtu.be/H03L-H8OMKc https://youtu.be/H03L-H8OMKc ...

LiquidSky Nvidia shield k1

some online gtav jetbike stunts!

Nvidia Shield Tablet Battery Replacement with Narrative Audio!

Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 battery replacement. This is not the original shield tablet that had a recall. this is the 2nd tablet that was ...

Shadowgun Legends! The Destiny Of Mobile Running On The Shield k1 Tablet!

This is an overview video of Shadow gun legend running on the Nvidia Shield k1 tablet. What's Up Tech Heads and Gamers!

Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet Unboxing - 60FPS Akariss Coming Through!

Unboxing the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet! Content quality upgrade because you guys deserve it! Join us for a LIVE classroom ...

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Controller

My review of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is here. I love my SHIELD Portable, but this is a completely different beast... Is it a cut ...

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