Видео: Learn While You Sleep Vocabulary Builder ASMR

Learn in Your Sleep Vocabulary Builder Part 2 | ASMR

Correction: Mien is one syllable, pronounced like "mean." I sincerely apologize, feel free to hurl your favorite invective my way!

ASMR Vocabulary Building Lesson. Making Flashcards!

I love learning new words so I made a quick list for a relaxing ASMR vocabulary lesson. A few of the words, like doggerel and ...

Vocabulary Lesson Role Play- ASMR

There are many words in the English language that we never use but are unique and powerful. Let's study a list of unique words ...

Articulate ASMR Vocabulary Lesson

Raise your IQ and expand your personal dictionary with this ASMR vocabularly lesson that will hopefully titillate the senses and ...

ASMR | Learn Vocabulary While You Sleep - Whispered, Soft Speaking

Hopefully this helps you sleep and you can learn some words while you're at it :)

ASMR: Learn English in Whispers / Listening #1

ASMR English Lesson. Learn English while relaxing and listening to a native gently reading a few pages of this wonderful book.

ASMR Vocab Words - SAT, GRE Prep - Male Whisper, Writing, Spelling

In this video I'll give the definitions for 10 vocab words, while spelling and writing them out. Useful for SAT and GRE prep! Have a ...

ASMR | Vocabulary Lesson & Ramble Soft Spoken/Whisper

Come take a nice and relaxing vocabulary lesson with me! I hope you enjoy this! Make sure to subscribe! :) Connect with me:

ASMR Learn English Vocabulary R & S (asmr, whisper, American accent, YouTube, video)

Hello ASMR Friend, I'll be posting a new video EVERY DAY in JUNE! This is DAY 24. Thank you for joining me for a month of ...

ASMR Learn English Vocabulary Words Letters K & L ( ASMR, Whisper, Youtube, Video)

YouTube: http://goo.gl/CZu94o -Facebook: https://goo.gl/MNUSmF -Twitter: https://goo.gl/xF65gQ -Google+: https://goo.gl/3b2lnJ ...

ASMR Storytelling. LEARN ENGLISH in Whispers - Charlotte's Web / LEARN ENGLISH Listening

Learn English and relax with this ASMR whispered story time. Let me read to you the first few chapters of the wonderful story ...

ASMR • Learning About The 7 Chakras + Positive Affirmations

Learning about the 7 Chakras and affirmations to strengthen them. • • Chakra Healing Book - https://goo.gl/XzdrsJ • • What is ...

Calm Teacher Role Play 7 - Vocabulary

In this role play video we are back together for another round of vocabulary words with you. As before, I quietly read the words, ...

English Vocabulary - ASMR

In this video I go through a unique book that helps writers find the right words to use.

Softly Spoken Medical Studies ASMR | Anatomy of the Cranium

Hi, welcome to TheASMRMedic. In this video, I draw and describe the anatomy of the Cranium, and some other bits and bobs.

Rest for the Weary [ ASMR ]

Minimal speaking with a focus on sound exploration to help you relax, sleep, decompress, etc. 00:00:00 Intro ( Lamp ...

Teaching You About Plant and Animal Cells -- ASMR

Coloring, pencil sounds, and soft whispering. Relax and learn about the functions of organelles in plant and animal cells as I color ...

ASMR Binaural ear-to-ear whisper with random words and some writing

Words, words, words! A very simple binaural ASMR ear-to-ear ramble with little words and big love for you. I've been a trifle sick ...

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