Видео: Honda CRF250L - Log hopping & jumping

Honda CRF250L - Log Jump

Practicing small log jumps on Zabava. Couldn't jump farther, there are trees. ;-) The jump is short, but the enjoyment lasts for ...

Honda CRF250L Big Log Hopping FAILS

Sometimes you own log, sometimes log owns you! ;-) This was recorded at the end of my practice where my muscles accumulated ...

Honda CRF250L - Log hopping & jumping

Practicing crossing/hoping logs on my little fun bike Zabava. Applying some knowledge from Graham Jarvis Offroad Academy.

CRF250l Can it handle some hard enduro?

Honda CRF250l jumping logs, and some other hard enduro type stuff.

Super Sketchy First Log Jump on the CRF250L!!

Log Jump @ 6:10 - watch in 1080! This video is from a short ride around Bluffton, SC (where I keep the bike) near Hilton Head ...

Log Hopping at an Angle - Graham Jarvis Explains

Graham Jarvis Offroad Academy. Episode 2. Log Hopping at an Angle technique. Graham teaches how to clear a log using a ...

Honda CRF250L log jump fail 2 - June 2018

Here we go again.. was coming back from my previous wreck, knowing I easily cleared this the last time, but mother nature struck ...

Honda CRF250L Motocross

So I thought why not try to do some jumping on my standard super soft suspension L... whats the worst that could happen.

Honda CRF250L - Owning a Big Log (Log Hopping - again! ;-))

Log hopping again? Yes, I know, I know. ;-) But I had to improve my skills on that big log. Zabava did great! I was thrilled that I ...

Pushing the "CRF250L"

Discovered a new off road spot with lots of little jumps some single trails and a fun flat track to race around.

Dual Sport Off Road Adventure Day 3 the LOG HOP Honda CRF250L

Dual sport riding in the Missouri Ozark Mountains with Heartland Dual Sport Dale.

Log hop, log jump, log ride, enduro cross training

Enduro cross training,crossing big logs on XR400.

SEND IT!!! Jumping A Honda Crf250L

I Send The Honda Crf250l Airborn, watch to see what happens, I wheelie around a curve, and I Shift in a wheelie! also meet a guy ...

Honda CRF250L log jump fail - June 2018

Failed attempt to clear a log - was wet and I should have been straight on with the obstacle vs. at an angle Taught a lesson, still ...


https://www.timcolemanx.com Permission to reproduce this video was given by Cross Training Enduro Skills, please don't ...

Crf250L flying and landing hard

My go pro is no longer working, so I managed to get a little bit of footage out in the trails but its hard when u only have your ...

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